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What NOT To Do When You Are Pulled Over For Speeding

A question that I get asked often is, “what should I do if I get pulled over for speeding?” The answer is simply be polite. Being polite is the simple biggest favor you can do for yourself when you’ve been pulled over. Many times the judge’s will ask the officer if the person was polite. If the officer tells the judge that the person was not you can bet that that person will not be getting the benefit of the doubt.

What you should not do when you get pulled over for speeding.

  1. Argue with the officer, especially on a busy highway
  2. Tell the officer how fast you were going
  3. Don’t be fidgeting or hiding something
  4. Say your a taxpayer
  5. Have more than one person talking
  6. Smoke
  7. Have the music on

If you act polite and call a lawyer you can determine if it is worth it for you to fight the ticket.


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