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Recent Victories

Recent Speeding Ticket Victories

Attorney Patrick Donovan fights to get each client the best possible result for every speeding ticket. If you have been given a Massachusetts speeding ticket call today for a free no obligation consultation.


Qunicy District Court– Client a high school student was stopped on RT 3 in Braintree going 91 in a 65. Client a junior operator faced a mandatory suspension. NOT RESPONSIBLE.

Framingham Court – Client a student was stopped on the MASS Pike going 84 in a 65. Trooper used LIDAR to confirm her speed. NOT RESPONSIBLE

Boston Municipal Court – Client is cited in the tunnel on her way to Logan Airport. Client was travelling 60 in a 45 zone and the trooper used Lidar to measure her speed. NOT RESPONSIBLE

Framingham District Court – Client is given a speeding ticket for going 84 mph in a 65  mph on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The Massachusetts State Trooper used Lidar to measure his speed. NOT RESPONSIBLE

Concord District Court- Client is stopped going 47mph in a 35 mph. The police officer clocked the driver. NOT RESPONSIBLE

Quincy District Court– Client was stopped by the Massachusetts State Police for going 93 in a 60 zone. The officer used LIDAR. NOT RESPONSIBLE.


If you or someone you know has been given a speeding ticket in Massachusetts you need to speak with an experienced attorney. A Massachusetts Speeding Ticket can help save money on the ticket, on future insurance and possible license loss. Call today to schedule a free no obligation consultation.