Did you know that even the smallest speeding ticket in Massachusetts results in huge in insurance increases that last for six years? If you did not you need to.
In Massachusetts insurance companies offer what is called a good driver discount to drivers that do not get speeding tickets or get into accidents. Drivers are rewarded with a discount of 17% off of their insurance if they have not had a ticket or accident in six years. Yet, if you get one ticket that discount automatically vanishes and will not return for six years and is replaced with a surcharge or “points.” Points are added to your insurance premium resulting in higher costs. For instance, a typical speeding ticket will result in two surchargeable points where each point is a 15% increase. So for the driver that get his or her first ticket they automatically lose their good driving discount then see an automatic 30% increase. That increase can last anywhere from three to six years. As you can see even the slightest ticket can have a huge impact.
This is why you must fight every speeding ticket even if you don’t think you have a chance. Chances are if this is your first ticket you will catch a break from the clerk or the judge especially if you bring a lawyer with you.
If you have been given a ticket in Massachusetts you only have 20 days to request a hearing. Call today and speak with Patrick Donovan a Speeding Ticket Attorney and Former Prosecutor  for a free no obligation consultation to find out if you can “Beat Your Ticket.”