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Massachusetts License Loss

Massachusetts imposes strict license losses on drivers who get too many speeding tickets. Depending on how many tickets the driver gets the Massachusetts RMV imposes mandatory license losses.
In Massachusetts there are mandatory driver’s license suspension for drivers that get 3, 7, or 12 surchargeable incident. A surchargeable incident can either be a ticket or an accident where the driver was deemed to be at fault.

Mandatory Driver’s License Suspensions

Three Speeding
If you get 3 Speeding Tickets within a 12 month period will lose license for 30 days. That is a mandatory suspension and the RMV will not give you a hardship license.
Three Surchargeable Events
If you get 3 surcharges within two years  you face a license loss. The loss can be avoided but you must complete driver retraining course. The RMV considers surcharges to be tickets and accidents.
Seven Surcharges
If you get a 7 surcharges (tickets and accidents) within 3 years the RMV will suspend your license for 60 day. There is no hardship for this suspension.
Habitual Traffic Offender
A Habitual Traffic Offender in Massachusetts is someone that has 12 surcharges within 5 Years or  3 Major Infractions. The suspension for a Habitual Traffic Offender in Massachusetts is 4 years.

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