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What is Lidar?

Lidar What is Lidar?

Lidar is a type of speed enforcement that officers are using to get a more accurate reading of the speed of vehicles. Typical radar guns use Doppler shifts in order to get the speed of the vehicle. The Lidar gun gives officers the opportunity to record the speed of a vehicle while it is moving through traffic. This helps to pinpoint the vehicle that is speeding. It is a simple process, and results of the speed of the vehicle are usually immediate.

The officer will begin by aiming the gun at a vehicle suspected of speeding. There are cross-hairs that the officer will use to make sure the correct vehicle is targeted. Measurements can be taken form 4-5,000 feet away. Some weather conditions such as humidity and rain can affect the range. After the officer has the vehicle in sight, the trigger will be pressed and the speed will be determined. Vehicles that are in the shadows of other vehicles are not able to be measured because it will not be clear which speed matches which vehicle. The radar in the gun measures the time in flight, which is then used to determine the speed that the vehicle is traveling.

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