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Boston Speeding Ticket Attorney 

Patrick Donovan
The Law Office of Patrick Donovan was founded in 2007 simply to give drivers in Massachusetts a fighting chance. Attorney Donovan believes that people must take each and every speeding ticket seriously. Even one minor ticket can result in thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums.Profile Main Woodpecker


Prior to opening the Law Office of Patrick Donovan, Attorney Donovan served as an Assistant District Attorney. As an Assistant District Attorney Patrick Donovan received specialized training and trial experience. He now uses that training and experience to help each of clients defend against speeding tickets in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.


  • University of Rochester
  • Suffolk University Law School.
  • Career Prosecutors College  Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Chair MCLE “Trying Your First Case in Traffic Court” 2014

Legal Involvement

  • American Bar Association
  • Norfolk County Bar Association
  • Quincy Bar Association.


Patrick Donovan lives with his wife, two young boys and a dog. When he is not practicing criminal defense he likes to travel to warm locations and boating.
If you or someone you know has been given a speeding or traffic citation in contact Boston Speeding Ticket Attorney Patrick Donovan today for a free no obligation consultation.