Insurance Company Data Shows Boston Drivers are Worst in US

There is now proof that Boston drivers are the worst in the United States. According to a study conducted by the Allstate insurance company ( AllState Best Drivers Study) drivers in Boston are more than two and half more likely to file a car insurance claim. The study compared drivers in over 200 large US cities. According to the study drivers in Boston average one insurance claim every four years.  While nationally drivers file a claim once every ten years.
Worcester, Massachusetts  is the second worst city for insurance companies and drivers in Springfield are ranked fifth. Allstate insures more than 80,000 drivers in Massachusetts.
The claims were mostly  regarding low-speed accidents. The claims did not involve deaths. Although the drivers in Boston that use the Drivewise device that records drivers habits performed at the national average. Reasons as to why the Boston drivers make more insurance claims are unknown. Winter weather is considered but the study was done before the historic snowy winter of 2014.
Baltimore, Washington D.C. Providence RI, Gelndale Ca, San Fransisco, Philadelphia and Los Angeles are the other city with the worst drivers in the nation.

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